The Edge of the Mosh Pit ©

We’re back in Pittsburgh, baby! I guess the move from Denver to Pittsburgh deserves a post in and of itself but I’m still having wildly mixed emotions about the whole thing. This post is inspired by our first show back at Pittsburgh’s newer (is it still new??) indoor/outdoor music venue, Stage AE. I’ve spent many, many a night at Stage AE and it’s a special place to me. On the bill Friday, June 2 – Frank Turner, Lucero, The Menzingers and Homeless Gospel Choir.

More and more when I see The Menzingers I realize that they aren’t quite the raucous, raw, sweaty shows that made me fall in love with them in the first place. Much like their last few albums their shows are more chill and “adult”. They’ve been more like “grab a craft beer and fucking chill out” kind of shows.

The Menzingers were also our first show when we moved to Denver 4 years ago. That show at the Marquis Theater was amazing. I left with mascara running down my face and bruises on my legs.

This time they opened with my favorite song from the After the Party album – Tellin Lies. Anyway, this post isn’t going to be about The Menzingers, but about the cheesy yet relatable question they beg over and over again in the chorus of Tellin Lies,  “Where are we gonna go now that our twenties are over?”

I’ve had a few years now to be asking myself the same thing. Where am I going to go? To the edge of the mosh pit, that’s for sure. (Also, stating for the record that if I ever write a memoir it’s going to be called The Edge of the Mosh Pit – consider this my copyright) Not that there was much of a pit that night but had there been, I had already decided that I was not going to be an active participant. I didn’t want to get sweaty, I didn’t want to spill my drink, I didn’t want to have to throw ‘bos and fight to keep my feet on the ground.

Do we lose our passion as we get older? Excitement is replaced with anxiety. Lust with necessity. Are we all just fucking jaded? Is the passion still there, hidden by layers of stress and responsibility?

All I know is that where I want to go, now that my twenties are in fact over, is to a place where on one hand I can be stressed out that the buyer on our Denver house fell through (aka fucked us over) just as we found a house in Pittsburgh we loved and didn’t get, and that the pissed that President is still a racist piece of shit that is destroying the lives of family and children for political gain, and that another black teenager was shot and killed by the police and it happened right here in Pittsburgh this time; BUT on the other hand remember that it’s ok to be excited about the fact that I get to go to yoga and have Indian tonight with a bff I haven’t seen much of in the last 4 years, and stoked that I am road-tripping to Cleveland tomorrow to see Murder by Death play with Against Me! It’s much harder to work at the latter.

I’m ok with being a 30-something who (still listens to pop punk) is health conscious, enjoys connecting with friends, cuddles on the couch with my husband and dogs after a long day, in bed by 10pm, work 9-5… fitter, healthier, more productive… choices become safer, mortality is questioned, life altering decisions are made on the regular. It’s really no wonder we grow out of having the energy. While my approach may change as I get older, at least I know I am still passionate about sipping a whiskey at the edge of the pit; where I can dip my toe in if I get the urge.




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