The Universe will give you the Medicine you need

I haven’t been here for a while. Sometimes (oftentimes) life distracts you and sends you down the proverbial rabbit hole where you find yourself focusing all of your energy without even realizing it. I was there. I’m coming up for air.

This time of year is always difficult for me. It’s winter. Cold, dreary, dead. It can be hard to stay motivated.

Lately I’ve been finding comfort in what I want to call coincidences, although maybe chance or fortuity are better words. The little moments when the universe reminds you of its magic and your place in all of it.

One: The morning I have an epiphany on the treadmill and stop on my way into work to write for the first time in months, using a notebook I’ve had for years, but haven’t used in years, and I walk into Union Station and a song* is playing that I haven’t listened to in years. The song gets me psyched. When I finish writing, I discover that the notebook I decided to grab that morning is adorned with stickers of said band that performs said song that just so happened to be playing at said time.

*The Song

Two: The beautiful Turquoise pin that I found on the ground, while on a run, at a moment when I was feeling terrible about my body’s performance and wondering if I had officially burnt out. Turquoise is a healing stone. A promise to its original owner — I will make good use of it.

Three: Mercury retrograde. Fucking Mercury seems like it’s always in retrograde so I hear you saying, “not a coincidence, Melissa”, but hear me out. Last week I was feeling really down in the dumps. I thought I should try to get to the bottom of why I feel like this every year around this time. Well, I didn’t answer that question yet, but of course discovered that Mercury is about to go retrograde, in Aries, and it ends ON MY BIRTHDAY this year, April 15. So does this give me some kind of power over my winter/spring slump this year? TBD. At least I have two full moons and one new moon in March to get that Leadville Turquoise charged up.

Robert: This morning on my way home from the gym I saw a loose dog running down a busy street in my neighborhood and he was heading towards an even busier street. No way I could just let him go so I turned my car around and went back to check it out.

There was another car following the dog, stopping intermittently and making attempts to call him over. The dog was not listening. I pulled off into a parking lot and got out to see what I could do to help.

As the dog ran towards Sheridan Ave, a very busy thoroughfare that connects to I-70, the guy from the car and another passerby who joined our team shooed him back towards the park, which is where I was standing. The guy in the car even had treats, no luck.

The dog ran back towards me. He is an old guy, white in the face and a slight hobble in his step, but that didn’t stop him. He ran, and ran, and ran away. He wouldn’t let any of us come close to him. I was worried that chasing him was only scaring him more.

The dog took off from the park and headed south into the neighborhood. I was committed at this point. I followed him into the neighborhood where another girl, who was getting into the car with her dog, joined the party. We all talked and realized that this dog didn’t belong to any of us, but we wanted to make sure he was safe.

I chased him down a few blocks, through construction site and for a minute like we were going to catch him, and then it seemed as though he got away. I lost the guy in the car and the girl in the car.

Then I came across another neighbor walking his dog who said he spotted him. He asked if the dog was mine and I said no, but that I’ve been chasing him for a while and he looks scared. We headed in the direction the neighbor saw him go.

This neighbor called his wife to see if she would post the dog’s info on Next Door and we had a break in the case! The dog’s foster/owners had already posted that this dog was loose, and that he is deaf and recently rescued from a bad situation, and that his name was Robert. No wonder he couldn’t hear us! No wonder he was so scared! Poor little Robert.

We chased him a few more blocks, he didn’t slow down once. He was cautiously avoiding everyone who tried to come near him. Finally, we came across more neighbors who were out walking a dog, and after a few attempts, we triangulated and caught him!

He had to have been exhausted and running out of steam, but his fear kept him running. When I went over to pet him he was not skittish. His paw was bleeding. I think he was happy to be done running. He was shaking with fear and anxiety. I held him close while neighbor called the owners and told them where to come meet us.

This story may sound like a humblebrag and maybe it is, but this hour spent chasing and ultimately catching this dog had an impact on my day and I won’t forget it. First of all, Robert is just so sweet and I’m relieved that he is safe. But also, the effort put forth by everyone who stopped to help this poor creature in need was touching. I’m so proud of my neighbors. I’m proud to be a part of it.

PS – Sorry to the Mr. who I scared the shit out of because I disappeared for an hour without my phone and ended up coming home late, bloody and out of breath.

All of the moments I’m describing help take me out of my day to day, out of my rabbit hole, and feel like there’s so much more. Sometimes I think we all need that reminder.


Robert! (from Next Door)




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