Rock n Roll Recap

It’s funny how when you think that life is finally going to slow down you find yourself with new ideas, projects, commitments, to fill your time. I have some changes that I’m welcoming into my life and it’s nice to have the time to recognize and allow new habits and friendships to form. Now that I am in taper mode for the big run, I feel relieved that I have time to reflect on the last few months.

As I’ve said before, training for a full marathon is a hug time commitment. Training for a half fit neatly into my life with work, social life, food prep, writing, and all the other shit I do on a daily basis. Training for a full has led me to sacrifice a few of those things. Writing being one of them because I’ve had an hour more and an extra day of running in the mornings, and that’s a lot less time at the coffee shop.

In this time of rest I have to remember that I’ve put in the work and I am ready for November 4. I successfully completed my 20 mile training run a couple of weeks ago and I ran the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon last weekend. Though, I have been battling some knee issues so this period of rest is going to be crucial.

A quick recap of the Sunday, October 15, Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon, because I don’t actually have too much to say about it. I started with a friend in corral 6 with the 2:05 pacers. I  lost my friend about a mile in when I stopped to take off my jacket – it got caught on my watch, took a minute longer than expected. I spent the first few miles trying to catch up with her but every time I thought I saw her, I’d get there and it wasn’t her. I pushed my pace early on and mistakenly was like “Oh, I feel great… sure, I can run at an 8:30-8:50 pace all day…” Well, I was wrong. Around mile 9 my knee was like “Nope, no more” so I struggled with some knee pain through the finish.

The race started and ended at Civic Center Park. From the starting line the course ran west and zig zagged through downtown Denver, we went up and down streets that I go up and down every day. We didn’t even go in front of Union Station!!

Between miles 5 – 6 we hit 17th street and began towards City Park. I was looking forward to running in City Park because I’ve never run there but it was less than exciting. We zigged and zagged through City Park and then back to 17th where we ran west on 17th and then back east on 17th, all the way back to Civic Center for the finish. I know I sound whiney but it was freezing, I thought the course was boring and it wasn’t my best showing. It was still fun! Racing takes a much harder toll on the body than training and it was good to remember that.

I finished in 2:07:50. Not a PR, but happy to be in the 2:05-2:10 range again and to have another race under my belt. There will be more chances for a PR 🙂 More chances as in, I kind of agreed with a friend that I would run one Half Marathon every month with her for the next year. Ha! 


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Hey! Monday Music Recco

The new St. Vincent album MASSEDUCTION is pretty fucking great.

Also, this band, Plague Vendor, who opened for The Bronx at Globe Hall last weekend. They are killer.


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