If you have been online in the last 48 hours you’ve surely seen the words “ME TOO” popping up all over timelines and Twitter feeds. This latest social media trend started when Alyssa Milano sent the following tweet on Sunday–  “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.”

The response has been big because so many of us face unwanted advances every single day. As a woman I am constantly being checked out… cat called… touched… being told, you look different today… you look tired… you have pretty eyes… why don’t you smile…


This may be a silly social media movement to some but abuse, rape culture and victim blaming have become the norm. There is widespread acceptance of this behavior in society and it’s a very real problem.

It’s in Hollywood, see recently Harvey Weinstein.

It’s in sports. I haven’t sat down to watch a full NFL game all season. The organization’s response to domestic violence by players in the league is egregious.

Remember Brock Turner? Read these powerful words from his victim. Brock was released from prison after a 3 month sentence.

Also, Donald Trump is still president…sigh…The guy that has a sexism tracker online that qualifies for a long read on WordPress — Donald Trump sexism tracker here.  Even more dangerous, he is using his power in office to actively promote policies and laws that are harmful to women.

Me too. Her too. Us too. Hear us. Props to the ladies who have bravely led the charge by speaking up and telling their stories, and to those victims who haven’t yet found the courage to speak up, you are not alone. To all of the men who respect and fight for us, thank you.

To all of those out there who feel the need to make a pass at a woman on the street or in the office –We don’t want to talk to you. We know we look good. We don’t want to fuck you. We’re not tired, just didn’t feel like wearing makeup today. We may have resting bitch face (a term we had to make up in response to being constantly told to smile). We may just actually not feel like smiling because the world is so fucked up right now.


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.26.19 PM

From Witchsy (


A blogger that I follow posted a great list of resources for victims of sexual harassment, assault and violence and rather than reproduce the list, I will direct you here: The Purple Almond 









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