Running Routes in Europe

This summer has gone by so fast! That means that our big travel month is right around the corner. We’ve had Euro-trip flights booked for a while but really just got into the nitty gritty details over the last week. I seem to expend all of my Type A-ness on running and nutrition now and have been uncharacteristically lax when it comes to all other aspects of my life. This is probably not a bad thing.

Now that we’re making plans I.AM.STOKED. I got my new duffle, booked our housing, started making museum, food & cafe to do lists and, duh! began looking for running routes! There was a moment when I thought I’d just take a break from working out while on vaca but yinz know I won’t be able do that. My goal is to get in one good run in each city.

I found a great website and app called STRAVA which I’m going to mess around with. I’m not sure if it’s worth paying for Premium access but without signing in you can access some great local guides with maps, mileage and descriptions of running trails by city.




I am seriously excited about London because we are staying right by Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens which has a perimeter of up to 4.3 miles – blimey! I can run that a few times with a giant smile on my face 🙂

Anyone out there in London, Paris or Amsterdam have running tips for me, or wanna schedule a meet up run!? Or want to loan me a washing machine, because I’m only planning on bringing one work-out outfit…


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