I’ll Keep My Eyes Fixed on the Sun

I’ve been in little bit of a funk the last couple of days and I’m sitting here in my favorite coffee shop with a bit of writer’s block. I mean, I’m not required to write on this blog. Hell, I don’t even know who reads this blog. Writing in this blog makes me feel happy nonetheless, and it drives me to learn new things, which also makes me happy. That’s why I do it.

This morning got off to a rough start and Jim helped me get the peanut butter Kongs ready for the dogs before he left. I came out to see that Mr. Doc had eaten ALL of the peanut butter out of both Kongs while I was getting ready and he just sat there with his wide eyed little face looking at me like he did nothing wrong. At least Doc is having a good morning. We should take notes. Eat all of the peanut butter and you, too, will feel good.

If only it was that simple.

FullSizeRender 36

These two make me smile every day.

The thing is, it is that simple. The hard thing is remembering that. Here are a few little reasons that I know that the day is going to be turned around.

As I mentioned, I’m sitting here in my favorite coffee shop, drinking my favorite iced coffee and working on something that I enjoy. I can actually feel my mood changing the further I make my way down the page.

SEPHORA on the 16th Street Mall opens today! I will be taking a long lunch break and spending time ogling my first true love, black eyeliner.

Also, the sun is shining! We’ve had a few days of haze and cooler weather here in Denver due to wildfires. Coming from a city with limited days of sunshine (I’m talking to you Pittsburgh) to a city with 300 days of sunshine, I can 100% tell you that the evidence and the folklore is true. Sunshine makes you happier.

To round it out, Cage the Elephant released a kick ass acoustic album that I have been rocking out to all week and will continue to rotate throughout the weekend. I have a mantra that comes from one of their songs and it’s fitting for a day like today. Take it for a spin with me…

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun ☀️




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