Doc’s First Run

Milestone! I took both dogs for a run with me this morning and it wasn’t a complete comedy of errors. Today was a 3 mile day and I’ve been working out like crazy this week so I thought it was a good time to mess around and see how the dogs would do. I half expected to be turning around before I left my street.

Stella’s an old pro but lately she hasn’t been wanting to run with me. I started to suspect that she doesn’t like going because she doesn’t want to be separated from baby brother Doc – aw sweet puppy love ❤ Stella has some attachment issues, and I was missing my running partner so I knew that sooner or later I was going to have to bring the both of them.

Doc needs some work on the leash. His signature move is to run as fast as he can until he reaches the end of the leash and then he flops around by his neck trying to break free. When he realizes he’s stuck, he chills out for a minute. Repeat.

We did a lot of that ☝🏼 for the first few blocks but amazingly once we hit our stride, Doc did great (he gets a B-). At times I felt like I was mushing and being propelled forward by 100 lbs of Goldendoodle. Overall they were a good distraction from the Thursday short run that can be tedious at times.  They slept on the kitchen floor all morning and that too is a win when you have two giant fur balls.

FullSizeRender 30

I’m feeling quite caffeinated today. Iced coffee protein smoothies are my new jam and I made one of those for breakfast. It’s really crazy that this isn’t more of a fad because iced coffee protein smoothies are amazing. Maybe I should make it a fad.

I use my Nutribullet and fill the cup a little over half with coffee, add some coconut or almond milk, chocolate protein powder and ice to make it really cold. Sometimes I add a banana or other fruit. The only downside(?) is that this drink is so good that I end up chugging coffee.

Another milestone today! I finally, albeit accidentally, took the PUP CD out of the disk changer in my car. Yes, I still use CDs. My iPod adapter broke. It’s been rough. I’ve had this PUP album in my player since June of 2014 when I bought it for $5 at our first show in Denver which was The Menzingers, PUP and Cayetena at the Marquis Theater. I instantly fell in love with PUP that night and 3 years later, it’s a love that’s still going strong. FullSizeRender 31

The reason I did this, though! I heard the new Mynabirds song Witch Wolf on the radio and it’s so good. I honestly kind of forgot about them as a band but they’re another one that I was drawn to immediately the first time I heard them. So I had to give the old CD a spin. I usually try to randomly eject a CD when I add a new one and this time the eject lottery went to PUP.

New music from The Mynabirds here:

Have a great end to your week!


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