New Training Cycle, New Diet

Week 1 of training down, 17 more weeks to go. I did my first long run yesterday – 8 miles. I may have had a little too much fun on Saturday night so I was dragging until early evening but once I got out, I felt so good! It was a bit slow but an encouraging run nonetheless.

As I mentioned in a previous post that I am working nutritionally to become fat adapted for this training cycle. I bought the ketosis test strips and have been following a pretty strict low carb/high fat diet over the past week. I tested this morning and was very surprised to see that I already had ketone levels in the moderate range!

Note, I have been eating a mostly low carb/high fat diet for almost a year now. I don’t think my body went into ketosis in just a week, I was already primed.

The main change that I’ve made for this diet is, drumroll please…I’m eating meat. I’ve been mostly vegetarian for a long time. I am very aware of the ethical, environmental and nutrition pitfalls of the meat (factory farming) industry. I am consciously eating ethically and locally sourced meat whenever possible. We are lucky to have many farm to table restaurants and shops to choose from in Denver.  Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meat is a neighborhood butcher shop that is quickly becoming a weekly stop for me. Their collection of local, vegetarian feed meat has yet to disappoint. Also, they sell flats of eggs from local farms and fresh cheese!

Another reason I stopped eating meat so many years ago is because it just didn’t agree with my stomach. I am being careful to moderate how much I eat and I am not eating chicken at all.

I don’t like labels but I’ve talked a lot of Paleo and being Paleo-ish, but now I’m following more of a Ketogenic diet. The main differences I’ve encountered are that higher carb fruit and veggies that would be acceptable on Paleo are out on Keto, and dairy products that would not be acceptable on a strict Paleo diet are OK on Keto. This means I CAN HAZ CHEESE! I am also reintroducing some soy products that were not allowed with Paleo.

It’s a tradeoff. Keto at first seems to be more limiting but I was ready for a shift in my daily food pyramid. Maybe it’s because I got a little loose with the Paleo diet but it was not sustaining me. I know my ratios were off and I was eating mostly fruit and vegetables with little else. I’m starting fresh. I am still going to focus on eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods and steering clear of sugar and low carb junk food.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been eating for the last week.

FullSizeRender 21

Hanger Steak and Cauliflower Rice

Hanger Steak with Coconut Chili Cauliflower Rice I got Hanger steak from Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat, sliced in thin and cooked it in a saute pan. This paired with the coconut chili cauliflower rice made for delectable, spicy, Asian fusion style dinner.

Fried Tempeh Salad Fermented soy is allowed in moderation on a Ketogenic diet. This is great news as I haven’t been able to eat tofu or tempeh for a loooong time. I fried up a square of tempeh in coconut oil and sprinkled some dukkah on it, then chopped it up into squares and put it on a big ol leafy salad with some bleu cheese. I had this for dinner and then lunch the next day.

Fat Head Pizza When I first heard about Fat Head Pizza I was like, “You have to be kidding me, this is Keto???” It’s basically baked cheese with more cheese and some sauce on top. Recipe here – Fat Head Pizza, the Holy Grail. Amen. I topped it with sugar free, low carb canned tomato sauce, sliced mozzarella and veggies. It lasted me about 3 meals. Needless to say I will be eating a lot of this pizza.

FullSizeRender 20

Baby’s first Fat Head Pizza

Pork Shoulder Steak with Greek Side Salad I’ve been wanting to do a slow cooker meal with pork and so I went to the meat store looking for something that would fit the bill. They had large trays of pork shoulder and also shoulder ribs and shoulder steaks. With a recommendation from the butcher, I went with the shoulder steak and decided to grill them. We did one plain (salt, pepper & onion powder) for me and one with BBQ for Jim. It was juicy, slightly crisp and full of flavor. I paired mine with a Greek side salad with olive oil dressing.

Pork Rinds! I know I’m the last person in the world that you would imagine snacking on pork rinds but as a chip lover they seriously satisfy my snack craving. This may toe the line of low carb junk food but snacking has been a challenge and these babies are good. EPIC brand makes pork rinds in BBQ, Sea Salt & Pepper and Maple Bacon flavors.

So far so good! I’ve also been eating lots of eggs, avocados, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts/nut butter, spinach, kale, celery, pickles and mustard.

One thing I miss, ok two things. Plantains and Larabars! Plantain chips were a go to snack and I was hooked on eating a Larabar before my morning work out. Some Larabar flavors (Coconut Cream Pie for the win!) are Paleo but I don’t know if they’re Keto. I’m not super into food logging and counting macros so I’m shying away from foods that seem to be on the higher carb/sugar side.

Happy Monday, everyone. Enjoy the grind.

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Monday Music Recommendation 

A few sexy tunes that I discovered last week on CPR Open Air.

Earl St. Clair, Pain 


Whitehorse, Nighthawks 


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