Rim Rock Marathon Training: Day 1

Yo! I’m pretty happy because today is the day that I start training for my first full marathon! I’m running the Rim Rock Marathon through the Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction on Saturday, November 4. The course is said to be one of the most scenic in the country.

I’ve been running for fitness for years. I don’t remember exactly when I started but I do remember my awkward fawn like first runs on the treadmill. I remember the first time that I ran a full mile at 5.5 MPH speed without stopping. I remember running through Schenley Park in Oakland and thinking that if I ever had to run for my life I would be so screwed.

IMG_0302I had a love/hate relationship with running and a 2-3 mile jog to clear my head a few times a week was more than enough to keep me happy. I know the words “People who actually enjoy running and run distance for fun are insane” have come out of my mouth. Well…now I’m one of those people. I am a runner.

At the beginning of 2016 I set a workout schedule at 4-5 days a week because I wanted to be in shape for our wedding in August. I was doing a mix of Insanity, yoga and running. Running days quickly became my favorite days. It’s not hard to get yourself out of bed for a run when you live .5 mi away from two beautiful lakes and your best dog buddy as a running partner.

After the wedding I knew I wanted to find a new fitness goal to keep me inspired. I was thinking about running a half marathon and when my friend Tessa (who had just run the Brooklyn Half) suggested we do the Pittsburgh Half together I was like “Yes. Perfect. Let’s do it.”

So we did the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and now I’m hooked. Crossing a finish line certainly has its appeal, but for me, it’s all about the training. It’s amazing to watch your body do things you never thought it could do and it’s rewarding because it truly does take a lot of hard work and persistence. I can’t wait to hit the road in November but I’m equally as excited to hit the road over the next four months to build up to my first 26.2. A 26.2 that also features 2,500 ft of vertical elevation gain in the first 4.5 miles – bring it on.

I’m using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan with a few modifications. I’m am going to try to run a sub 2 hour half at the Rock N Roll Marathon in October, but I have no time expectations for Rim Rock. I’m training at a pace between 9-9.59 minutes and will adjust as I improve (or don’t) over the next 4 months.

Also, nutritionally, I am working towards becoming fat adapted for these runs. I’ve talked about this a lot in previous posts with curiosity and now I’m going all in. I’ll debut more about this later in the week.

Blogging has been a really great way to talk through the challenges and successes of marathon training as well as goals/life inspiration in general. If you are here reading this, thanks 🙂 I appreciate you.

Here’s my life for the next 4 months:

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.05.38 AM










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