Melissa Retrograde

The month of June has been a difficult one for me when it comes to finding a balance. I’m not doing any specific athletic training because I’m trying to give my body a break before I start my full marathon plan in July. I’m still exercising but it’s much less structured. Work has been a little bit crazy. We have some issues with our house, which has me thinking not only about fixing them but also the money it’s going to cost. We have had people staying with us for what will be 3/4 of the month by the time the month is out. I’m not here to vent. Well, maybe a little bit… what else is a blog for??

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Ironically, and I didn’t even realize this until just this second, it’s June 21. Things feel off for me right now. Mercury is not in retrograde but I feel like I am!

I like structure. I like having goals and knowing what’s up next. As we all do, I have quite a few anchor habits.  They’ve all been in disarray this month.

Waking Up Early/Morning Routine – I go to bed around 10pm and wake up at 5am. I have my mornings to work out, listen to music or podcasts, write, spend time in the kitchen, whatever I need to do to rule my day. With everything that’s going on we’ve had a lot of late nights and I’ve had a lot of unproductive mornings.

Running – I’ve had a frustrating time with running the last few weeks. I admit I may have pushed it a little too much after the half marathon and should have taken a longer break. Plus lack of sleep and too much splurging on food and drink have left me sluggish and uninspired.

Cooking/Grocery Shopping – I love going to the grocery store. I’m a freak, I know. I’m usually hitting up at least 3 grocery stores a week because I have certain things that I get from each place. If you’ve ever had Natural Grocers’ Almond Butter you know why it’s worth the extra trip. Most of the food I like to eat takes a bit of prep time and my kitchen time is also time that I get to relax. This hasn’t been happening for me either.

Just as important as habits, it is important to learn to be flexible. Even with chaos – patterns emerge. I have some trouble with that. We have an insanely busy summer ahead. I’m grasping for ways to rest and reset.

What do you do to reset? How to you get your groove back?

The last few days I’ve been going to my main gym and staying downtown in the mornings before work. It’s been a really nice change of pace. Cold brews from Ink Coffee and enjoying the energy at Union Station have given me wind to think and write (another thing that’s been a struggle for me this month).

Yesterday I had my first good run in a while. There was a point a couple of weeks ago that I hit a wall. I was out for a run and after a mile I physically could not run any longer. I knew that was it. A wake up call to take a break. A real break. Not an “Oh I’ll only run 4 miles today instead of 6” break. I’ve slowed it down a bit for the last two weeks and as expected, it’s helping.

My intention in yoga this morning was to turn my mind off. You’re always supposed to turn your mind off and be present on your mat but that’s easier said than done. I did a pretty good job this morning and I feel a little more grounded because of it.

I’m going to try to have a relaxing evening and spend some time cooking. Shockingly I have never tried Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Tonight might be the night!




3 thoughts on “Melissa Retrograde

  1. How was the cauliflower pizza crust? Did you try it? You have to let me know!
    As usual, I’m right there with you on a lot of this! I’m getting a little crazy though cause I’m on hiatus from work and it has been the most wonderful time, and it is starting to wind down and the thought of going back is stressful. Mostly cause I will have so much less time to write and also no leeway on waking up to get workouts in as training starts. I’m always an early riser anyway but it’s been so nice to be able to not rush at the gym and do extra stretches and foam rolling, and take my time at the grocery store (I go to at least 3 stores too!). Something you said helped me though–I like structure too. I know I’ll get in a routine going back to work and it will be ok, and training starts in just over a week as well, I’m sure that will help me feel less crazy. When does yours training start exactly? PS-working on adding in more fat each day!

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    1. Hey! I’ve heard that cauliflower crust is hard to perfect and now I see why! Mine was way too soft , I don’t think I got enough of the water out of it. It was still super tasty but had to eat it with a fork and knife – I was hoping for more sturdiness. I went thru like half a roll of paper towels trying to dry it up before I baked it! Have you made it before?? It’s going to take some trial and error.
      Have you found any good sources of fat that may be unexpected but easy to incorporate?
      I’ve been doing pretty good after I got thru the sugar withdrawal. Starting to ramp up my runs again. I start for serious training on Mon. July 3! You? I can’t believe it’s almost time!!!

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      1. Haven’t tried the cauliflower crust–prob a little too much effort for me at this moment!
        So, working on the fat stuff but some small things have made a big difference. Coconut Manna-which is basically like coconut butter-it’s delicious. While I love coconut oil On some stuff, I find this much easier to eat. This may sound gross but I can eat a spoonful of it, easy, which I have been doing before workouts. Also, I eat A LOT of veggies, I eat em for brekkie lunch and dinner. For brekkie and lunch I always just steam them, super simple. But, the last few days, after i steam them I’ve been throwing on either the coconut manna or grass fed butter. Like kind of drenching them. It’s early, but I think we are definitely onto something! I’m gonna post about it once I have a bit more time eating this way but I already feel a difference. This morning I did a 5 mile hill interval run and a 90 minute yoga class. I do that often but a lot of times in the middle of one or both activities I get that gasless feeling (like putting your foot on the gas and there is nothing there, it just goes to the ground.) i didn’t get that feeling once today! Every time I needed some juice, there was something in the tank. I felt SO strong. It was pretty great. I will keep you posted. You-same. x


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