Langhorne Slim & The Law

Wow, I’m surprised that this is my first concert review post. I love live music. Going to a show is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend an evening. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Langhorne Slim & The Law play at Globe Hall in Denver.


This was my first time seeing Langhorne Slim. I was on a bluegrass kick last summer and found him via my Spotify radio. He’s soulful and folky, a modern day Cat Stevens. I’ve been throwing his songs in the mix since I found him.

So, we were supposed to see him at the Bluebird Theater today (Sunday) but earlier in the week we realized that the Pens vs. Predators Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Championship was also going to be this Sunday. If you know Jim, you know that he is a Pens fanatic and if you know anyone from Pittsburgh, you know how we feel about our sports. I figured we could compromise and go to the show late, or I would find a friend to go, but then boom! I saw that Langhorne Slim had added a second Denver show for Saturday night at Globe Hall. I’ve been dying to check out Globe Hall so this was perfect!

IMG_6094Globe Hall is a venue/dance hall/BBQ joint in the RINO neighborhood of Denver which is considered the art district and rapidly turning into the brewery district. We started the evening at Black Shirt Brewing Co. – another first for me. I had their Black IPA and it hit the spot. Black Shirt has good beer, awesome paintings of musicians everywhere, a patio and also hosts live music from time to time. The food looked good too, though we didn’t try anything.

When we first walked into Globe Hall I said “This place is so Pittsburgh”. It’s a total dive, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. Inside the front door there is a bar to the right and you’re in a room with a pool table, and the BBQ menu which was randomly covered up with Gandhi stickers at the time since they were no longer serving food. To the left is an open room with little to no decor and a stage up front. The room holds about 200 people. Gritty and intimate.

Honestly, I can’t see eating at this place, but I dig it as a venue.

Skyway Man is opening for Langhorne Slim on this tour and he was on stage when we got there. He. It was just one guy. One guy in a white t-shirt that said SPACE. I don’t know if he records with a band but his songs were full of sound but light and fun. We really enjoyed his set.

When Skyway Man finished the floor opened up a bit and Jim and I were able to score a sweet spot close to the stage. There were a lot of people there but it wasn’t a full house. After seeing Langhorne Slim’s performance, it’s amazing to me that this place wasn’t sold out.

Langhorne Slim came out on stage and started right into it with a new song that he wrote around the time of the election he said. It was a slow burn and poignant. I really liked the line “Let’s fall in love with our telephones off”. Yeah I took some pictures during the show but this stuck with me and I mostly tried to keep my phone away and just be there.

Next, he played The Way We Move and Changes two in a row. These are his biggest hits. I love it when bands play their biggest hits first because it means they know that they can get those out of the way and still put on a killer show with the rest of their library.

FullSizeRender 2

Sign in the front room of Globe Hall. Looks like it’s been here since the days this was probably a biker bar.

Langhorne Slim is exactly what you expect a folk artist to be. Shaggy brown hair, groomed beard, he wore a brimmed hat and a blue button up shirt that was mostly unbuttoned. He smiled and flirted with the crowd for the whole show. His voice is impeccable and it sounds even better live than it does recorded. That’s another quality that can make me fall in love with an artist.

OK, sometimes when I see folk bands I get bored really fast. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Langhorne Slim but he hooked me early with his energy and genuineness. A few songs in he played Love Crimes and sauntered out into the crowd, sharing sweat, he even took a selfie with a girl who wrapped her arm around him. After that, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the stage.

He continued with a solid set and during the encore he said he was going to play a new song and a girl in the back yelled “Coffee Cups” and he tuned his guitar right then and there and gave us an extra song.

There is one more thing I have to talk about. The crowd was pretty fun. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. But oh my god there were 5 or 6 bros up front who were shouting things the whole show like “Take your shirt off”. What? Just, no. Don’t shout at the band. Don’t yell “Free Bird”. Don’t yell “Take your shirt off”. Don’t actually take your shirt off. Oh yeah, these bros were all shirtless by the end of the show. I have no clue what the hell that was all about. Langhorne Slim took it in stride. I’ve seen a few great tell offs from lead singers who are being heckled, but Langhorne Slim is all about the love. He addressed the guys but minimized the distraction. I seriously wonder if those bros are going to be shirtless in the front row again tonight.

I feel lucky to have seen Langhorne Slim & The Law in such a small space where there’s a tangible connection between audience and band. I look forward to the day when they’re playing at Red Rocks and I can say “Remember when we saw Langhorne Slim at the Globe Theater?!”.




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