Strangers at Union Station

I had the loveliest conversation at Union Station today with a woman from Twin Cities, Minnesota. She was standing at the tracks taking a photo of a California Zephyr parked in front of the station. I stopped at the same place to take a photo and we started chatting.

She told me that she, her husband, son & daughter in law are traveling the country on that train. They started in DC, went through Chicago and now they’re in Denver before they head to the next city. She asked me where I live, and where I was going. I know that her sister lives in Centennial and her daughter in law is from China, where they only have one time zone (never realized that) so it’s been interesting explaining how time changes as they travel.

In a previous post I talked about how it can be energizing to just slow down for a minute and talk to someone. Today in my coffee in hand/I’m late for work rush I stopped and had a real conversation. I’m glad I did. It made me think of how infrequently I actually do this and how I need to do it more. It gave me a little extra pep in my step as I started the day.

No matter how different our lives may be, we both stopped at the same place at the same time to capture the same moment. It makes you remember that we all have things in common and we’re all in this together. Be good to each other.

IMG_5974 2

Union Station, Denver, CO this morning

Thanks, Twin Cities. I hope you and your family have a great trip!




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