Paleo eats in LoHi Denver

Today I had lunch with my coworkers at Just BE Kitchen. This was only my second visit but I could eat there every day. I was so excited when the paleo fast-casual restaurant opened in LoHi and it does not disappoint. Just BE, seriously, take all of my money!

With menu items called Lust and and Enchanted you know that they are dedicated to serving dishes that wow. In addition to being 100% paleo, they’ve created a brand that’s playful and uplifting with inspiration at every turn. Check out their page for full menu and mission statement.


Signs like this are found throughout the restaurant

If you’re skeptical about restaurants that cater to limited diets, don’t be! You can get anything from a salad to a bacon cheeseburger at Just BE. As I’ve mentioned before and will say time and time again, Paleo food is GOOD. The line out the door at lunch today shows that a lot of folks feel the same way.

Today I had the Thrive Egg Sandwich. While it sounds simple, paleo bread is hard to make at home and nearly impossible to find at a restaurants so sandwiches are a treat for me. Pro tip: Make sure someone at your table orders the breakfast burrito…and a cookie…


Just BE has a bone broth bar where you choose your toppings which I think is such a great idea, turmeric and garlic for me! When I say I’m “mostly” vegetarian, here is where the lines blur for me. I eat animal bi-products like eggs and honey, and after some resistance, I’ve jumped on the bone broth train. It’s chock full of vitamins and protein, and I feel great when I eat it.


Collagen Iced Coffee

Along the same lines as above, they had Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Collagen Iced Coffee (recipe from PaleOMG) that I tried today. I’m way over caffeinated now but it was worth it. This drink is refreshing with the same satisfaction of a sweeter drink but without the sweetness, if that makes sense. I was addicted to Vietnamese Iced Coffees last summer, this is definitely a frontrunner to be my replacement drink of choice.

My only complaint is that I have to walk over the millennium bridge to get to Just BE and today was a leg day at the gym so I didn’t need any more steps in my life 🙂

P.S. It’s a Stanley Cup Hockey day – Go PENS!





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