Santa Fe Recap!

We got back from Santa Fe last night with high hopes of starting round two of cabinet painting (more on this in a future post) but that drive is looooong and Get Out is finally on demand so we opted for a wine & couch night. Cabinet hell commenced today. IMG_5835

Oh Santa Fe, where do I begin? I’m glad that we camped. There is a ton of cool stuff to explore until early evening and then retreat back to the cabin to cap off the night with some stargazing. The stars in the night skies of New Mexico are unbelievable. Santa Fe is also super dog friendly and camping with dogs is a great alternative to a hotel.

We stayed in a camping cabin at Rancheros de Santa Fe. Solid place right off of Route 66. It had good facilities, a dog run on site, and it was busy but quiet. There was a bunk bed and a small table in the cabin + a porch and fire pit outside. Sadly it was too windy for a fire this weekend. Our cabin was called Anasazi which means “Ancient Ones”, ancestors of the Pueblo Indians. The Anasazi inhabited that area of the country early in civilization.

We arrived after dark on Friday (again, long drive and with two crazIMG_5883y dogs) and headed to the closest restaurant we could find. We ended up at Cafe Fina which turns out is a really amazing place. Excellent dinner menu and various pastries and pies warming on the counter that beg you to wonder what the breakfast menu looks like. I asked, they have cloud pancakes, case closed. I had a veggie enchilada that was to die for. There was a bookshelf filled with local artisan goods and a hand painted sign on the wall that read “Immigrants make us stronger”. I don’t think that Santa Fe is technically a sanctuary city, but it values the principals and you can see that everywhere. Good vibes all around on the first night. We took our food to go and settled into the cabin.

Saturday morning I was up with the sun. Took the dogs for a walk, did yoga on the porch and got ready for the day’s adventure. Santa Fe is greener than I thought it would be. I was expecting a lot of dirt and brown but there are evergreens everywhere! We hiked the Atalaya Trail in Santa Fe National Forest. It was a tough hike with a lot of elevation gain but views for days. It was one of those trails where you keep thinking you’re at the top and then realize you’re not even close. It ended up being about 7 miles round trip. The dogs are still worn out!


Taking a break to stretch my legs


The view from the top

After the hike we checked out Santa Fe Brewing Co. It wasn’t busy at the time but looks like it can be a really fun spot. There’s a stage, shuffleboard, huge patio, disc golf – all kinds of ways to be entertained while drinking beer. They have a Belgian Honey beer called Melissa so of course I had that and it was damn good. The brewery didn’t have food so we headed to Rowley Farmhouse Ales where I had another Melissa beer and we had some tasty lunch on their dog friendly patio.


Hard earned post hike beer at Santa Fe Brewing Co

Later that evening we headed into the city. We took Old Las Vegas Highway aka Route 66 and stopped for a few photo ops. It was cool to be on the famed Route 66.


By the time we got into Santa Fe around 6pm things seemed to be winding down but we window browsed some galleries and walked around the square. I was bummed to miss the art market which had shut down for the day. A lot of the restaurants have New Orleans-esque second floor patios which make for the perfect spot for a drink at dusk. As I mentioned before, I don’t think Santa Fe is much for night owls. Not that I am much of one anymore 😉

There are museums everywhere since Santa Fe is an old city with so much history. I’d love to go back and spend a day doing the museum circuit.


New Mexico turquoise cuff

Going into the trip I told myself that if I saw an inspiring piece of jewelry that I would treat myself and spend a little bit of money. I found a gorgeous sterling silver and turquoise cuff that I had to have. I haggled with the guy and got a great deal on it and I regret nothing! I’m pleased to be adding this beauty to my collection.

We didn’t take the dogs with us into the city so we were anxious to get back to them. We did another take out run, this time from Harry’s Roadhouse, which surprisingly has a very good buddha bowl. Then we cuddled up at the cabin.


Our little cabin

We are spoiled with the everything that we have in our own backyard in Colorado. I think that sometimes we take for granted that these natural wonders are all around us. We put the phones away and had a great time just the four of us exploring new place.

Overall it was a good trip. I don’t think we even scratched the surface but I saw enough to know that Santa Fe is a city with heart and culture, beautiful scenery and great eats. After the grueling drive I could have used one more day.


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