What do you listen to while you cook?

I’ve been searching for new music and it doesn’t come as easy as it used to. Risking sounding like a curmudgeon, all new music sounds the same to me! I wandered over to Pitchfork yesterday to check out the best new releases and despite their attempt to put everything into trendy little categories, it all sounds the same.

  • Slowdive [Rock] – Rock, really? Maybe synth rock.
  • Nilufer Yanya [Pop/RB] – Electro pop?
  • Jlin [Electronic] – Ok, so what makes this different from the aforementioned?
  • Girlpool [Rock] Meh, Is this Tegan & Sara in disguise?
  • Mount Eerie [Rock] Snoooooze… Hey, don’t Fleet Foxes have a new album out?

The same bands play at all of the music festivals. The same bands come to Red Rocks every year. Even the bands I love, I’ve seen them all a hundred times. I’ve worn out the records. Where does one find new music?!!

I’m listening to GG Allin radio right now, guys. Agent Orange is on… I’ve lost my sense I’ve lost control, I’ve lost my mind. Help!

As a result of the above dilemma, I have been devouring Podcasts like nobody’s business.  (S-Town, anyone?) I’m addicted to Podcasts. I listen while getting ready for work. I listen in the car even though my iPhone cassette adapter is broken. I just turn my volume to high and stick the phone in the cup holder – boom, instant amplification. Like, I make up reasons to hang out in the kitchen and listen to Podcasts while my hubby is watching TV.

I have been mostly Paleo for about 9 months now and I’ve had to sacrifice very little on flavor and variety, it just takes a little more time in the kitchen. I still want things like granola bars, bread, muffins and dessert! The thing I love about the Paleo diet is that you can still have all of these things with a little bit of elbow grease and knowing the proper substitutions.

We’re camping this weekend so I’m experimenting with snacky things that travel well. I made these Apple Walnut Muffins on Saturday and they are delicious, definitely making more. I used Granny Smith apples, almond flour instead of cashew flour and skipped the frosting because I prefer my muffins to be a bit more savory. I’m sure they’re great with the frosting too. A+ recipe.

I made a batch of these Peach Paleo Muffins  last night and they didn’t turn out as well. They’re a bit soft so I’m not sure if adding flax meal would help, or maybe cooking longer? I’m going to try again because I love the idea of peach muffins.

And I can’t forget my doggies! They aren’t Paleo but they still deserve a homemade treat sometimes. I made a batch of these Golden Goodness Dog Treats. They were quick, easy and the dogs love them. Turns out the only cookie cutter I have in my house is in the shape of the state of Virginia 🙂


Send me some music recommendations!!!


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