Coconut Bacon

It’s May and it’s 35° and snowy. This is actually perfect because I’m planning a company outing at the Beach at A-Basin tomorrow. It’s the only ski resort still open and they have almost 3′ of fresh powder. Snowboarding counts as cross training, right? Only if we can beat traffic and get up the mountain before every other ski bum in Colorado.

This is my third year in Denver and the weather is beautiful, but we do get the May Gray that people usually liken to LA. Gloomy weather sure makes it hard for me to get motivated. I have a ton of running around to do this afternoon and a meeting later for a potentially very cool volunteer opportunity, and I am dragging!

I’m always looking for little ways to get a boost. Listening to music, stretching, snacking, blogging, simply having an interaction with someone whether its a conversation at work or a “Hi, how’s your day?” in line at the coffee shop, are all things that help me out.

Speaking of snacking, I’ve been really into coconut flakes lately. There’s a reason these are called Dang. My absolute favorite rendition of coconut flakes is Coconut Bacon. It’s vegetarian, paleo, EASY and it tastes like freaking bacon.FullSizeRender 27

You can put this stuff on anything.

I use this Coconut Bacon Recipe from Simple Veganista, sans paprika and use coconut aminos if I am going for full paleo. I recently started doing all of my coconut flake creations on the stovetop at very low heat and I prefer this to baking because they seem to stay crispy longer when cooked on the stove. I’ve also seen recipes say the liquid smoke is optional but that’s crazy talk.

Try it!

“Every time a vegetarian craves bacon a coconut flake gets its wings.”



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