Loud, Fast, Angsty

I stubbed my toe something wicked yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work. After a yell and a dramatic flop I caught my breath and realized that my hubby and dogs were still in the other room, not at all concerned. Thankfully it’s just badly bruised.

Today was a cross training day for me and in attempt to rest my toe I opted for the stationary bike. I find stationary bikes generally boring. (Hey Denver, get some more spin studios!) I prefer weight and resistance training when it comes to cross. Turns out, though, cycling is really good for runners. Cross training time also equals time to work on my playlists.

I have to listen to music when I run and I’m very particular about what I listen to when I run. It’s gotta be loud, fast and angsty. The way I see it there are two scenarios in life when it’s acceptable to be dripping in sweat – during exercise or in the middle of a mosh pit. So it won’t surprise you that my workout playlists include bands like PUP, The Bouncing Souls, FIDLAR, The Bronx, Every Time I Die.

Can you believe it took me three posts to start talking about music?! Why else to have a blog than talk about the things I get way too excited about?

I wanted to create a perfect playlist for the Pittsburgh Marathon. I started one called Mutant Brain after seeing this amazing ad and it’s not my typical genre of music but so high energy + Mutant Brain is a great name for a playlist, right?

Around the time I started training in the winter The Menzingers dropped their new album After the Party. I am a Menzingers fangirl. My first impression of the new album is that it’s a little poppy, but I love these guys so I kept listening. Then one song got stuck in my head and before I knew it all of the songs were stuck in my head and it’s the only thing I wanted to listen to. after the party

“So let these simple songs get caught in our heads”

So there it happened, The Menzingers became the soundtrack to my first half marathon. This band has always been a staple on my playlists but now that they have a pretty extensive catalog I can listen forever on long runs and stay pumped up the whole time. The new album is (slightly) more lighthearted than some of their older stuff so when you listen to it all mixed together it’s a perfect balance of energy. Good stuff.

I’m looking forward to getting a fun collection together for Mutant Brain v2 with a few main stays and some new jams. I have v high hopes for the new Portugal. The Man album due out in June.

PS – Can we talk about headphones for a second? I like sound quality, I literally cried when I was gifted my wireless Beats earlier this year, but I sweat like a mofo when I work out and go through headphones like crazy. The only thing that I’ve found that works for me are these Yurbuds. The headphones that come with them are shit but the little rubber pieces are worth their weight in gold and they fit EarPods and EarPod knockoffs.

PPS – Get Spotify Premium. Build playlists. Download. You’ll never look back!




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